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Thermometer TypeFeatures & Benefits
Digital Thermometer
  • Fast and accurate readings (typically within seconds)
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Safe and convenient for all ages (no mercury)
  • Memory function to recall previous readings (on some models)
  • Multiple use options (oral, rectal, armpit)
  • Affordable and widely available
Ear ThermometerFast and convenient for infants and children
Forehead Thermometer
  • Non-invasive and quick temperature measurement
  • Easy to use on all ages, especially helpful for restless patients
  • Sanitary option for multiple users
  • Some models offer fever alarms for easy identification
Basal Body Thermometer
  • Highly sensitive to detect subtle temperature changes
  • Helps track ovulation for fertility awareness
  • Often features basal body temperature (BBT) charting tools
  • May come in digital or glass versions
Glass Thermometer
  • Very accurate readings when used properly
  • Inexpensive and readily available
  • Not recommended for children or those at risk of breaking glass
  • May contain mercury (check for mercury-free options)
Industrial Thermometers
  • Wide variety of designs for specific industrial applications
  • Measure high and low temperatures for process control
  • May be digital or analog, with various features like data logging and alarms
  • Rugged construction for harsh environments

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