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Simple and Low-Cost DesignLimited accuracy compared to modern instruments.
Visual Measurement of TurbiditySubjective and prone to user error due to variations in lighting or visual perception.
Limited Measurement RangeNot suitable for modern water quality standards requiring precise turbidity measurements.
Calibration with Silica StandardsNot as versatile as modern meters that can measure different types of suspended particles.
**Conclusion:**While the Jackson Turbidity Meter played a historical role in water quality assessment, it has been replaced by more advanced and accurate instruments like nephelometers that use light scattering to measure turbidity. These modern instruments offer:* Improved accuracy and precision * Wider measurement range (including low turbidity levels) * Less subjectivity and user error * Ability to measure various types of suspended particlesFor modern water quality testing, a Jackson Turbidity Meter wouldn’t be recommended.

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