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Compact and Portable DesignLightweight and easy to carry, ideal for noise measurements in various locations and field applications.
Wide Measurement RangeMeasures a broad spectrum of sound levels, from quiet environments to loud machinery, ensuring suitability for diverse applications.
High AccuracyProvides precise sound level readings, crucial for reliable noise assessments and data collection.
Multiple Weighting FiltersAllows filtering of sound based on human perception (A-weighting) or frequency characteristics (C-weighting), enabling tailored measurements for specific noise types.
Data Logging Capability (Optional)Tracks and stores sound level measurements over time, facilitating comprehensive noise analysis and reporting.
Fast and Slow Time WeightingMeasures both rapid fluctuations and long-term average sound levels, providing a complete picture of noise variations.
Easy-to-Read DisplayClear and informative display allows for quick and accurate readings of sound levels.
User-Friendly InterfaceSimple controls and intuitive operation make it easy to use for professionals and non-specialists alike.
Durable ConstructionBuilt to withstand demanding use, ensuring long-lasting performance in harsh environments.
Calibration CapabilitiesMaintains measurement accuracy through user calibration or by certified professionals, guaranteeing reliable data.
Compliance with StandardsConforms to relevant industry standards (e.g., IEC 61672) for noise measurement, ensuring data meets regulatory requirements.
Optional Software (for advanced models)Provides additional features for data analysis, reporting, and visualization, enhancing sound level meter functionality.

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