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High Accuracy MeasurementsProvides precise and reliable measurement of optical rotation for accurate determination of a substance’s concentration or chirality.
Wide Range of ApplicationsSuitable for various applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, and other industries for quality control, purity analysis, and conformational studies of chiral molecules.
User-Friendly DesignIntuitive interface and operation make it easy to use for both experienced analysts and those new to polarimetry.
Rugged ConstructionBuilt to withstand demanding laboratory environments, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.
Automatic CalibrationSimplifies operation and reduces errors by ensuring accurate measurements without manual calibration.
Data Acquisition and Analysis SoftwareAllows for effortless data collection, analysis, and reporting, streamlining workflows and improving data management.
Various Light SourcesOffers compatibility with different light sources (e.g., sodium, mercury) to accommodate specific measurement requirements.
Temperature Control (Optional)Enhances measurement accuracy by maintaining a constant temperature environment, particularly crucial for temperature-sensitive samples.
ComplianceMeets industry standards (e.g., USP, Ph.Eur.) for regulatory compliance and quality assurance.
Cost-EffectiveProvides valuable functionality and performance at a competitive price, offering a high return on investment.

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