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Durable ConstructionEnsures long-lasting performance and reliable operation in demanding testing environments.
Efficient MixingProvides thorough and uniform mixing of samples for accurate and consistent test results.
Variable Speed ControlAllows for precise adjustment of mixing intensity based on specific sample requirements and test protocols.
Transparent Jar(s)Enables clear observation of the mixing process and sample behavior throughout the test.
Temperature Control (Optional)Maintains a consistent temperature environment (heating or cooling) for tests requiring specific temperature conditions.
Easy to CleanSmooth surfaces and simple design facilitate efficient cleaning and disinfection between tests, minimizing contamination risks.
Compact DesignSaves valuable laboratory bench space without compromising functionality.
User-Friendly ControlsIntuitive controls enable effortless operation, making it suitable for users of all experience levels.
Versatile ApplicationConducts various jar tests, including flocculation, sedimentation, and compatibility studies.
Durable Jars (Optional)Available in a variety of materials (e.g., glass, plastic) to suit specific test requirements and chemical compatibility.
Data Acquisition (Optional)Connects to data logging systems for real-time monitoring and recording of test parameters for comprehensive analysis.
Cost-EffectiveProvides an efficient and reliable solution for jar testing needs at a competitive price point.

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