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Pellet Preparation for IR SpectroscopyApplies high pressure to create homogenous, disc-shaped pellets (KBr pellets) from powdered samples for analysis in Infrared (IR) spectrometers.
Improved Sample HomogeneityUniform pressure distribution ensures consistent sample composition throughout the pellet, leading to more reliable and reproducible IR spectra.
Wide Range of Sample Compatibility (in most models)Accommodates various sample types, including organic, inorganic, and polymeric materials, by adjusting pressure settings or using specialized dies.
Easy Operation (in most models)Hydraulic presses often have user-friendly interfaces and simple procedures for loading samples, applying pressure, and ejecting pellets.
Safety Features (in most models)May incorporate pressure relief valves and safety shields to minimize operational risks.
Increased Efficiency (compared to manual presses)Hydraulic presses deliver faster and more consistent pressure application compared to manual presses, improving workflow efficiency.
This table highlights the key functionalities and benefits of a Hydraulic Press specifically used for IR Spectroscopy. It emphasizes its role in KBr pellet preparation for IR analysis, improved sample homogeneity due to uniform pressure distribution, wide range of sample compatibility (in most models), easy operation (in most models), safety features (in most models), and increased efficiency compared to manual presses.

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