Bench-top Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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Accurate Dissolved Oxygen MeasurementProvides precise and reliable data for critical water quality analysis.
Easy CalibrationMinimizes downtime and ensures consistent measurement accuracy with user-friendly calibration procedures.
Rugged Probe DesignBuilt to withstand demanding laboratory environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Fast Response TimeDelivers quick and reliable results, improving laboratory efficiency.
Large, Easy-to-Read DisplayClear and intuitive interface ensures effortless data visualization, minimizing errors.
Data Logging Capability (Optional)Tracks and stores measurements for further analysis and record-keeping, streamlining data management.
Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)Delivers accurate readings across a wide temperature range, eliminating the need for manual calculations.
User-Friendly InterfaceSimplified controls and intuitive design make it suitable for both experienced users and beginners.
Compact Benchtop DesignOptimizes valuable laboratory space, ideal for busy environments.
Durable ConstructionBuilt with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance and reliable operation.
Multiple Probe Compatibility (Optional)Offers flexibility to use various probes for specific applications, expanding instrument functionality.
RS232 or USB Connectivity (Optional)Enables data transfer to computers for further analysis, reporting, and record-keeping.

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