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IR-ConsumableFeatures & Benefits
KBr PowderHigh purity for minimal spectral interference Enables easy sample preparation for solid analysis
DesiccantsRemoves moisture to protect instrument optics Ensures accurate and reliable FTIR measurements
Mulling AgentsSuspends viscous or sticky samples for analysis Broadens range of samples compatible with FTIR technique
Window Materials (e.g., NaCl, CaF2)Available in various materials for specific wavelength ranges Enables analysis across a wider infrared spectrum
Sample Holders (e.g., Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) plates)Facilitates analysis of different sample types (films, solids) Optimizes sample presentation for efficient FTIR analysis
Disposable Cuvettes/CellsCost-effective option for liquid sample analysis Eliminates cleaning requirements, saving time and resources

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