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Organized StorageProtects and keeps your HPLC columns organized and efficiently stored, minimizing damage and maximizing lifespan.
Adjustable CompartmentsAccommodates various HPLC column lengths and sizes with adjustable shelves or dividers for a customized fit.
Secure ProtectionEnclosed cabinet design minimizes dust, contamination, and protects columns from accidental bumps or spills.
Improved Lab EfficiencyEasy identification and access to columns saves time by eliminating searching through cluttered benches.
Durable ConstructionBuilt with sturdy materials like steel or high-quality plastic for long-lasting use in harsh laboratory environments.
Space OptimizationFrees up valuable benchtop space by providing dedicated storage for your HPLC columns.
Optional Features (list as needed)Locking doors, clear door for easy visibility, stackable design for increased storage capacity.

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