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ComponentFeatures & Benefits
Inlets/Septa– Consistent sample introduction for accurate results – Variety of septa materials for different injection techniques – Improved uptime with minimized downtime for maintenance
Columns– High separation efficiency for complex samples – Diverse stationary phases for various analytical applications – Extended column lifetimes for cost-effective analysis
Detectors– Superior sensitivity for low-level analyte detection – Wide range of detectors for different analytical needs – Reliable performance for consistent data generation
Tubing and Fittings– Inert materials for minimal sample interaction – Leak-free connections for güvenilir (reliable in Turkish) performance – Variety of sizes and materials for different applications
Vials and Inserts– Chemical compatibility for sample integrity – Secure sealing to prevent sample evaporation – Available in various sizes and formats for diverse needs
Frits and Filters– Protection of sensitive detector components – Efficient removal of particulate matter from samples – Extended detector lifetime for reduced maintenance costs

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