Bio Safety Cabinets

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ModelsClass I Biosafety Cabinet Class II Biosafety Cabinet A1 & A2 type Class II Biosafety Cabinet B1 type Class II Biosafety Cabinet B2 type Class III Biosafety Cabinet
Construction MaterialMild Steel Powder coated finish Stainless Steel with Satin finish Wooden laminated finish
Cleanliness LevelClass 100 (ISO 5)
Particle Retention0.3 micron & above
Downflow Velocity90 FPM ± 20 %
StandardUS Federal Standard 209E (ISO 14644-1)
Noise Level65 dB in “A” Scale
Air BalancingPartly Recirculated and 100% air exhausted with incineration
Illumination750 to 800 lumen
Power Supply220V single phase 50 Hz
ApplicationMost suitable for bacteriological and toxicological applications where the presence of highly airborne particles, bacteria, and viruses need to be controlled to provide clean working conditions.

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