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Volumetric Glassware
Volumetric FlaskCalibrated to contain precise volumesEnsures accurate preparation of standard solutions
PipetteGraduated for accurate measurementAllows precise transfer of small liquid volumes
BuretteGraduated with a tap for controlled dispensingIdeal for titration and accurate liquid dispensing
General Glassware
BeakerSimple cylindrical designVersatile for mixing, stirring, and heating
Erlenmeyer FlaskConical shape with flat bottomReduces spillage during mixing and heating
Test TubeSmall, cylindrical glass tubeSuitable for holding small samples or conducting reactions
Graduated CylinderMarked with volume graduationsProvides accurate liquid volume measurements
Watch GlassConcave glass dishUseful for evaporating liquids, weighing solids, or as a beaker cover

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