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Teflon BeakersChemically resistant beakers suitable for use with aggressive chemicals and at high temperatures
Teflon BottlesNon-reactive storage bottles ideal for storing corrosive substances
Teflon Stir BarsMagnetic stir bars coated with Teflon for smooth and efficient stirring
Teflon TubingFlexible and chemically inert tubing for transferring high-purity or corrosive fluids
Teflon CruciblesHeat-resistant crucibles used for high-temperature and corrosive environments
Teflon FunnelsDurable and non-stick funnels for safe transfer of reactive chemicals
Teflon StopcocksPrecision stopcocks for controlling the flow of aggressive chemicals without contamination
Teflon Labware CoatingsProtective coatings applied to labware to enhance chemical resistance and durability

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