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Accurate Liquid MeasurementEnables precise transfer of small volumes of liquids for various experiments
Variety of Types AvailableDifferent pipettes cater to specific volume ranges and functionalities (e.g., graduated pipettes, micropipettes)
Disposable or Reusable OptionsDisposable tips minimize contamination risks, while reusable pipettes offer a cost-effective option (depending on the type)
Ergonomic Design (for some models)Promotes comfortable handling and reduces fatigue during extended use (check specific model details)
* **Petri Dish:**“`html
Growth & Observation of MicroorganismsProvides a sterile container for culturing and observing bacterial or fungal growth
Transparent ConstructionAllows for clear observation of colonies and growth patterns
Disposable or Reusable OptionsDisposable dishes minimize contamination risks, while reusable options offer a cost-effective alternative (depending on application)
Stackable DesignFacilitates space-saving storage and organization
2. **Combination with Broader Category:**If you’d like to showcase Pipettes and Petri Dishes together, you could consider including them in a table highlighting general laboratory essentials or cell culture supplies.

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