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Accurate Dosing and MeteringPrecise control over flow rates due to positive displacement design, ideal for dispensing specific volumes of liquids
Gentle Fluid HandlingFluid only contacts the inner surface of the flexible tube, minimizing shear stress and damage to delicate cells or sensitive fluids
Self-Priming CapabilityCan evacuate air from the tubing and begin operation without manual priming, simplifying setup
Can Handle Solids and Shear-Sensitive FluidsAccommodates fluids with suspended solids or those prone to shearing without damaging the particles
Easy Maintenance and CleaningSimple design with minimal parts; the disposable tubing is the only component in contact with the fluid, minimizing cleaning requirements
Safe for Biohazardous Materials (with proper handling)Fluid containment within the tubing reduces the risk of contamination if used with proper aseptic techniques

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