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Uniform Heating with Glass Ceramic PlateGlass ceramic plate ensures even heat distribution across the surface, providing consistent heating for your samples
Efficient Stirring and Heating CombinationProvides simultaneous stirring and heating functionalities in a single unit, streamlining workflows and saving time
Large Capacity (10L)Accommodates larger flasks or containers, making it suitable for various laboratory procedures requiring bigger reaction volumes
Precise Temperature ControlIntegrated heating with adjustable temperature control allows for precise regulation of reaction conditions
Improved Mixing and Reaction EfficiencyMagnetic stirring promotes efficient mixing and circulation of fluids, potentially leading to faster and more homogenous reactions while heating
Chemical Resistance (of glass ceramic plate)Glass ceramic is generally resistant to many chemicals, minimizing the risk of corrosion or contamination
Easy Cleaning (of glass ceramic plate)The smooth glass ceramic surface is typically easy to clean and maintain
This table highlights the key functionalities of a Magnetic Stirrer with Heated Glass Ceramic Plate (10L), emphasizing its combined stirring and heating capabilities, large capacity for bigger reactions, even heat distribution with the glass ceramic plate, precise temperature control, improved mixing efficiency during heating, chemical resistance of the plate, and easy cleaning.

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