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Deuterated SolventsHigh-purity solvents where hydrogen atoms are replaced with deuterium, used as NMR solvents for spectroscopic analysis
NMR TubesPrecision-made glass tubes used to contain NMR samples, ensuring accurate and reproducible measurements
Solvent StandardsReference materials containing known concentrations of certain compounds, used for calibrating NMR instruments and validating measurements
Solvent AccessoriesVarious accessories such as caps, septa, and adapters designed for use with NMR tubes and solvents
Solvent DispensersEquipment for accurately dispensing NMR solvents into tubes, minimizing contamination and waste
NMR Solvent LabelsLabels specifically designed for identifying NMR solvents and their respective compositions and grades
Solvent Drying AgentsChemical compounds used to remove moisture from NMR solvents, ensuring high-quality spectra
Solvent Recycling SystemsSystems designed to recover and purify NMR solvents for reuse, reducing costs and environmental impact

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