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Silica Laboratory Ware
Silica CruciblesHigh-temperature resistant containers used for melting, calcination, and other high-temperature processes
Silica BeakersDurable and chemically inert beakers suitable for high-temperature applications
Silica TubesHeat-resistant tubes used in a variety of high-temperature laboratory procedures
Silica DishesFlat-bottomed dishes ideal for high-temperature applications and chemical resistance
Silica RodsHigh-purity rods for stirring and mixing in high-temperature environments
Thermometers & Hydrometers
Laboratory ThermometersPrecision instruments for measuring temperatures in laboratory settings
Digital ThermometersElectronic thermometers offering fast and accurate temperature readings
Glass ThermometersTraditional liquid-in-glass thermometers providing reliable temperature measurements
HydrometersInstruments used to measure the specific gravity or density of liquids
Alcohol ThermometersThermometers using alcohol as the measuring fluid, suitable for low-temperature measurements
Mercury ThermometersHighly accurate thermometers using mercury, suitable for a wide range of temperatures

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