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Lovibond Tintometer BrandA brand name under The Tintometer Limited, offering a variety of instruments for colour measurement and water analysis.
Wide Range of InstrumentsLovibond Tintometer encompasses instruments for diverse applications, including:
  • Visual Colorimeters: For basic colour measurement by comparison with coloured glass standards.
  • Photometers & Colorimeters: Electronic instruments for precise colour measurement using light detectors.
  • Spectrophotometers: Advanced instruments that analyze a wider range of the light spectrum for detailed colour characterization.
  • Water Testing Equipment: Instruments for measuring various parameters in water samples, such as chlorine, turbidity, and pH.
This table clarifies that Lovibond Tintometer is a brand name, not a single instrument. It offers a variety of instruments catering to colour measurement and water analysis needs. The table provides examples of the different instrument categories under the Lovibond Tintometer brand, including visual colorimeters, photometers, spectrophotometers, and water testing equipment.

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