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Variety of Sizes and CapacitiesAvailable in different sizes to suit specific storage needs, from small Dewars for personal use to large capacity models for labs
Extremely Low Temperature StorageLiquid nitrogen boils at -196°C, enabling the storage of biological samples, cells, tissues, and other materials at ultra-low temperatures
Preserves Sample IntegrityMinimizes enzymatic activity and degradation processes, ensuring long-term viability and preservation of biological samples
Controlled Evaporation Rates (depending on model)Some Dewars feature vacuum insulation and designs that minimize heat transfer, reducing evaporation rates and extending liquid nitrogen holding times
Portable Options (for some models)Certain Dewars are designed for easy transport, facilitating the movement of samples between labs or locations
Safe Storage and Transport (with proper handling)Proper handling procedures and appropriate Dewar design features can minimize the risk of spills or exposure to extremely cold temperatures
This table highlights the key functionalities of Liquid Nitrogen Containers, emphasizing their ultra-low temperature storage capability, extended sample viability, variety of options, potential for slow evaporation rates, portability (in some models), and safe storage/transport with proper handling.

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