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NMR TubesPrecision glass tubes used for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, designed to hold liquid samples for analysis
Standard NMR TubesRegular-sized NMR tubes suitable for routine NMR experiments
Micro NMR TubesSmaller diameter NMR tubes for analyzing smaller sample volumes, often used in high-throughput screening
Deuterated SolventsSolvents with hydrogen replaced by deuterium, used in NMR spectroscopy to provide a reference signal
High-Pressure NMR TubesReinforced NMR tubes capable of withstanding high-pressure conditions, suitable for specialized experiments
Sealed NMR TubesNMR tubes with sealed ends to prevent sample leakage, ideal for long-term storage or experiments requiring extended stability
Precision-Cut NMR TubesNMR tubes with precise dimensions and smooth surfaces to ensure accurate spectroscopic measurements
NMR Tube CleanersTools or solutions used to clean NMR tubes, maintaining sample purity and instrument performance

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