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Precise Temperature ControlEnsures accurate and repeatable viscosity measurements according to ASTM standards.
Uniform Bath Temperature DistributionEliminates viscosity variations within the sample due to temperature gradients.
Wide Temperature RangeAccommodates testing at various temperatures relevant to different applications (e.g., lubricants, fuels).
Interchangeable Viscometer CompatibilityWorks with different types of kinematic viscometers (e.g., Ubbelohde, Cannon-Fenske) for flexibility.
Easy-to-Use Controls and DisplaySimplifies operation and monitoring of bath temperature for efficient workflows.
Clear Viewing WindowEnables visual inspection of samples and viscometers within the bath.
Built-in StirrerProvides continuous sample mixing for consistent temperature distribution.
Optional Cooling CoilAllows for temperature control at ambient or below ambient conditions for broader testing capabilities.

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