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Adjustable HeightProvides ergonomic comfort and reduces back strain for users of various heights.
Chemical-Resistant Work SurfaceEnsures easy cleaning and durability against spills and harsh chemicals commonly used in laboratories.
Stable Base with Leveling FeetGuarantees a wobble-free platform for precise instrument operation and user safety.
Multiple Shelf OptionsOffers customizable storage solutions for instruments, equipment, and supplies, maximizing workspace efficiency.
Large Weight CapacitySupports heavy instruments and equipment without compromising stability.
Easy AssemblySaves time and effort with a straightforward assembly process, minimizing downtime.
Durable ConstructionBuilt to withstand demanding laboratory environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Space-Saving DesignOptimizes laboratory layout by providing ample workspace without occupying excessive floor space.
Mobility Options (Casters)Enhances flexibility by allowing effortless repositioning of the table within the laboratory. (Optional)

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