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Cell Culture FlasksSterile containers used for growing and maintaining cells in vitro, available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different cell culture requirements
Cell Culture PlatesFlat, multi-well plates for culturing cells in separate compartments, suitable for high-throughput screening and assays
Cell Culture MediaNutrient-rich solutions formulated to support cell growth and proliferation in vitro, available in different formulations for specific cell types
Cell Culture ReagentsChemicals and additives used to supplement cell culture media for specific applications, such as growth factors, antibiotics, and serum
Cell Culture DishesPetri dishes or similar containers used for cell culture experiments, available in various sizes and surface coatings for different cell culture needs
Cell Culture TubesTubes designed for culturing cells in suspension or for short-term storage of cell samples
Cell Culture PipettesSpecialized pipettes for transferring cells and cell culture media with precision and sterility
Cell Culture IncubatorsTemperature and humidity-controlled chambers for maintaining optimal conditions for cell growth and proliferation

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