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Safe Biohazard Waste DisposalProvides a secure container for contaminated materials, minimizing the risk of exposure to pathogens
Puncture-Resistant ConstructionMade from puncture-resistant materials to prevent accidental spills or leaks during handling and transportation
Leak-Proof Design (in most models)Features leak-proof lids or closures to ensure contained biohazardous materials don’t escape
Clear Identification (universal biohazard symbol)Marked with the universal biohazard symbol for easy recognition and proper handling procedures
Variety of Sizes and TypesAvailable in various sizes to accommodate different waste volumes, and some may be sharps containers specifically designed for needles and blades
This table highlights the key functionalities of Biohazard Containers, emphasizing their role in safe and compliant biowaste disposal within laboratories, medical facilities, and other settings.

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