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Quartz CruciblesHigh-purity containers suitable for high-temperature applications such as melting metals and conducting chemical reactions
Quartz TubesHeat-resistant tubes used in various laboratory and industrial processes, including chemical vapor deposition and thermal analysis
Quartz FlasksChemically inert flasks ideal for storing and heating reactive liquids and solutions
Quartz PlatesFlat and transparent plates used as substrates for optical applications, including spectroscopy and microscopy
Quartz DiscsPrecision-cut discs used as windows or substrates in optical and analytical instruments
Quartz CellsSpecialized containers designed for spectrophotometric and electrochemical measurements, offering excellent optical clarity
Quartz Crucible TongsTools for safely handling hot quartz crucibles during heating and cooling processes
Quartz BoatsBoat-shaped containers used for holding and transporting small samples in high-temperature applications such as semiconductor processing

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